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What is the best day to rent a moving truck?

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Asked a month ago

The best day to rent a moving truck depends on various factors, such as demand, time of the month, and time of the year. According to historical patterns, the optimal time to get the best price on a moving truck rental is on a Tuesday in the middle of the month during non-peak seasons. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Peak moving times: Avoid moving during weekends, the beginning or end of the month, and summer months (particularly between Memorial Day and Labor Day) due to increased demand, which can lead to higher rates.

  • Midweek rentals: For the best truck rates and availability, consider renting midweek (Sunday through Thursday).

  • Reservation timing: U-Haul recommends making your reservation two to four weeks away from your moving date for better availability.

  • Flexibility: If possible, try to move during the week instead of the weekend, as this can increase your chances of securing a truck rental at a better rate.

Remember to compare quotes from different rental companies before making your decision and plan your move well in advance to secure the best rates.