What impact do you think kanye west's super bowl performance will have on the halftime show tradition

Kanye West's Super Bowl performance influence on the halftime show tradition is not applicable, as he did not perform at the Super Bowl during the period covered by the search results. The search results focus on the absence of Kanye West during Rihanna's halftime performance at the previous Super Bowl, and his self-promoted Yeezy fashion line commercial aired regionally during Super Bowl LVIII.

The impact of Kanye West's Super Bowl commercial on the halftime show tradition is not evident, as it was an independently purchased ad, likely part of regional advertising, not part of the official halftime show programming. This ad does not have a direct impact on the evolution of the Super Bowl halftime performances. The search results indicate that the NFL has not selected Kanye West as a halftime performer, and his absence from the previous halftime show and the nature of his commercial do not suggest a significant change to the Super Bowl halftime show tradition.

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