How are fans and critics reacting to the announcement of kanye west's super bowl performance

The fans' and critics' reactions to the announcement of Kanye West's Super Bowl performance, or lack thereof, can be summarized as follows:

  • Kanye West was not part of the officially scheduled Super Bowl halftime show, which featured Rihanna. However, online commentary and fan reactions centered around his absence and Rihanna's performance of "All of the Lights," which she co-performed with West on his 2010 album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'.

  • Some fans created memes and speculated about Kanye West's reactions to the show, with Twitter users sharing their interpretations of emotional reactions or attempts to join the show.

  • A viral tweet claimed that Taylor Swift had gotten Kanye West kicked out of the Super Bowl stadium, which he denied, emphasizing that he left his seats to socialize with friends elsewhere in the stadium.

  • Reactions on social media saw a divide, with some criticizing Rihanna for performing "All of the Lights" given West's recent controversies, such as antisemitic remarks, while others perceived her performance as an endorsement or support for him.

  • Kanye West defended his actions and mentioned that he was more helpful than harmful to Taylor Swift's career and that he supported her against the Scooter Braun and masters ownership issue.

Overall, the responses were mixed, with some fans and critics expressing disappointment or concern over West's potential involvement or his music's inclusion, while others showed compassion or justification for his actions and Rihanna's choices during her performance.

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