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Samsung's Galaxy Ring

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Samsung's Galaxy Ring is a smart ring that was teased at the company's Unpacked 2024 event. Although specific details about the ring's features and capabilities are limited, there are some hints and rumors about what it might offer:

  • Health Tracking: The Galaxy Ring is expected to have health tracking features, such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen tracking, and sleep apnea symptom monitoring. It may also include the ability to track temperature and exercise/fitness.

  • My Vitality Score: Dr. Matthew Wiggins, from Samsung Research, mentioned a feature called 'My Vitality Score', which would intelligently track a user's physical readiness and mental preparedness based on activity and heart rate data.

  • Design: The Galaxy Ring is described as sleek and minimalist, resembling a traditional groom's wedding band.

  • Connectivity: It is likely that the Galaxy Ring will connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.

As of now, there is no information on the Galaxy Ring's price or availability. Some rumors suggest a late 2024 launch, while others hint at a possible release as early as January 2024.