How to Use the Circle to Search Feature on Samsung Galaxy S24?

The Circle to Search feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24 allows you to automatically search for details about an image or text by drawing a simple circle around the object of interest. To use the Circle to Search feature, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Circle to Search: Open Settings > Tap Display > Tap Navigation bar > Enable Circle to Search to On.

  2. Navigate to the image: Find an image on your Galaxy phone's screen that you want to search. This feature works on all apps that allow screen capture.

  3. Tap and hold the home key: With the image on your screen, tap and hold the home key.

  4. Circle or tap the object of interest: Use your finger or an S-pen to circle or tap the object of interest in the image.

  5. Remove your finger or S-pen: Once your finger or S-pen is removed from the phone's screen, the web search will begin.

Please note that Circle to Search requires an internet connection to work. Additionally, due to the nature of the search algorithm, searching for the same image may produce different outcomes.

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