How to Comment on Songs and Videos in YouTube Music on Mobile? Home > Technology > Article
3 months ago By Badar — Commenting on songs and videos in YouTube Music on mobile is an easy and fun way to share your opinion and interact with other music fans. Whether you're l
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How to Compress Images and Videos in a PowerPoint File? Home > Technology > Article
3 months ago By Daniel — Compressing images and videos in a PowerPoint file is an effective way to reduce the size of a presentation. This can be done easily with a few simple step
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How To Use VLC To Download A Youtube Video? Home > Technology > Article
4 months ago By Badar — Watching videos on YouTube is fun but downloading them is even better. With VLC, you can easily download YouTube videos and save them for later. Here’s how
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Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings That You'll Never Look at the Same Way Again | ZMG Buzz 60 Videos (VE) | NewsBreak Home > Business > Article
2 years ago By Sain — Things aren't always what they seem at first glance, and some of the most iconic company logos are here to prove it. Buzz60's Maria Mercedes Galuppo has th
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WhatsApp Launches New Feature That Deletes Photos And Videos After They've Been Viewed Home > Technology > Article
2 years ago By Gesard — WhatsApp has a feature that lets you enable disappearing messages. These are messages that automatically delete after a period of time, but given that they
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Death's Door – News, Reviews, Videos, and More Home > Technology > Article
2 years ago By Martin — Death's Door is an action-adventure game developed by Acid Nerve and published by Devolver Digital. Players play as a crow tasked with reaping the souls of
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YouTubers Are Making a Living on Videos About Microsoft Software Home > Technology > Article
2 years ago By Alvarez — Some people make a living off of making YouTube videos about software from Microsoft and other companies. The company tried to help employees learn how to
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Google Pixel ad campaign pairs the ease of switching with absolutely random activities [Videos] Home > Technology > Article
3 years ago By Alexdemarco — Midway through March, Made by Google started the "Switch to the New Google Pixel" ad campaign. These videos posted to YouTube range from two to five minute
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Blast rocks Catholic church in Indonesia in suspected suicide attack (VIDEOS) Home > News > Article
3 years ago By Elizabet — Alleged suicide bomber has targeted a church in the Indonesian city of Makassar as worshippers were leaving after a Sunday service. There have been reports
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Dutch police shower anti-lockdown protesters with water cannons after crowd assembles near Van Gogh Museum (VIDEOS) Home > News > Article
3 years ago By Showngo66 — Amsterdam police deployed two water cannons and officers in riot gear to prevent an unpermitted protest against Covid-19 restrictions, ultimately making th
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