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Sam Altman, born on April 22, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, is an American entrepreneur, investor, programmer, and blogger. He is best known as the CEO of OpenAI since 2019 and is considered one of the leading figures of the AI boom. Some key aspects of his life and career include:

  • Early life: Altman moved to the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, at a young age. He showed an aptitude for numbers and computing from an early age.

  • Education: Altman attended Stanford University.

  • Career: He was the president of the start-up accelerator Y Combinator from 2014 to 2019. He co-founded and became the CEO of OpenAI in 2019.

  • Net worth: Altman has become extremely rich, with his wealth attributed to his entrepreneurial success and investments.

  • Personal life: Altman is openly gay and has been compared to tech visionaries like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He has invested in various projects, including the development of a supersonic airplane.

  • Influences: Altman has been called the "Oppenheimer of Our Age" and has been known to associate with influential figures in the tech industry and Silicon Valley.