How do you find hidden apps on Android?

To find hidden apps on an Android device, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check the default app drawer: Even if you have installed a custom app drawer, you should still check the default app drawer for any hidden apps.

  2. Use the search function: Type the name of the app in the search bar at the top of the app drawer and tap the enter key on your phone. The app will appear if it exists.

  3. Look in the correct app drawer: If you use a custom app drawer, there is a high chance the hidden apps will be in the correct app drawer. You need to go to your phone’s settings and select Apps or Applications depending on your device, then select Manage Apps or Installed Apps to find your hidden apps.

  4. Use the Google Play Store: While on the app’s store page, tap the install button to bring up the permissions required to download the app. Abort the installation process and hit back to return to the previous screen. The app will now be available from your app drawer.

  5. Check the Build.prop file: This file contains all the important information about your device and could hide apps without rooting your device.

  6. Use a Launcher App & Hide Apps: Install a third-party launcher app from the Google Play Store and hide the apps behind a fingerprint, PIN, or pattern lock for maximum security.

Remember that some of these methods might require you to root your device, which could void your warranty and potentially expose your device to security risks. Always proceed with caution and ensure you understand the risks involved before making any changes to your device.

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