How to Prevent Screen Burn-in on Your Phone and TV?

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By Marcel in Technology
Updated 2 months ago

Screen burn-in is a permanent discoloration of a display caused by prolonged use of the same image. It can be prevented by taking certain steps and following a few simple guidelines.

1. Reduce the Brightness: Keeping the brightness of the device at a lower level helps reduce burn-in.

2. Reduce Screen Time: Limiting the amount of time spent on a device helps reduce the chances of burn-in.

3. Change the Wallpaper: Changing the wallpaper regularly reduces the chances of the same image getting burned-in.

4. Avoid Static Images: Avoiding static images like logos, news tickers, and other elements that stay in the same place for a long time helps reduce the chances of burn-in.

Screen burn-in can be prevented by reducing the brightness, limiting the amount of time spent on the device, changing the wallpaper frequently, and avoiding static images.