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NBA Daily Recap 5/3: Beal's 26 Points rallies Wizards pass Pacers 154-141

Wizards led by 20 before the fourth quarter and rolled past Pacers 154-141 on Monday night. Rui Hachimura led the way for the Wizards with 27 points, while Bradley Beal contributed 26 points and Russell Westbrook dropped 14 points, 24 assists and 21 rebounds in the victory. While failing to take the home-court advantages, Caris LeVert tallied 33 points and Domantas Sabonis made 32 points and 19 rebounds for the Pacers. After this game, the Pacers (30-34) made to #9 in the Eastern Conference with 13.5 games back to the top, while the Wizards (30-35) is behind the Pacers by another 0.5 games back and ranked #10 in the same conference.
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