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Kayla Braxton on Her Current WWE Role, Also Wants to Do Entertainment News

In a recent interview on NotSam Wrestling, Kayla Braxton discussed her WWE career and much more. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):. Kayla Braxton on her current WWE role: "I'm in a good spot right now. Podcasting has been something that I've thought about, but I don't know what about, but I like the idea of a podcast. I was working on a concept, before everything shut down, very 'Between Two Ferns' meets…I don't know. Just a comedy piece. There was no talk about wrestling. With hosting all these shows, I'm talking about the same (stuff). I was doing the Braxton Beat for a while and I'm hosting three different shows a week, all with the same guests, talking about the same things. They know the superstars, they know the championships they are holding. Let's not talk about that at all."
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