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Review: Necromunda Releases For House Delaque, By Games Workshop

Games Workshop has cultivated a very dark, very grim setting with the future they've created for the 41st Millennium. In addition to the various intellectual properties that are Warhammer 40,000 and Kill Team, not to mention scores of other, more specialized games, Games Workshop has brought back Necromunda with the Dark Uprising boxed set, which we had reviewed quite a while ago. But this… The boxed set we have in our hands right now is something else. Something darker, grimmer, and certainly more sinister. Yes, we have ahold of House Delaque's Nacht-Ghul, Psy-Gheists and Piscean Spektor boxed set, as well as the source rulebook for House Delaque: House of Shadow. Here is what we think about the two!
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