How to Close Your Laptop and Use External Monitor on Windows?

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By Fleming in Technology
Updated a year ago

Connecting an external monitor to your laptop is a great way to expand your workspace and improve your productivity. To use an external monitor, you must first learn how to close your laptop and use the external monitor on Windows.

1. Close Your Laptop: To close your laptop and use an external monitor, first, make sure that the external monitor is connected to your laptop via an HDMI or VGA cable. Then, press the power button on your laptop to put it to sleep. This will ensure that the laptop is ready to be used with the external monitor.

2. Enable the External Monitor: To enable the external monitor, press the power button on the laptop to wake it up. Then, press the Windows key and the “P” key simultaneously to open the “Project” menu. Select “Extend” from the menu to enable the external monitor.

3. Adjust the Display Settings: To adjust the display settings, open the “Display Settings” window. Here, you can adjust the resolution, brightness, and other settings. Make sure to adjust the settings according to your preferences.

4. Disable the Laptop Screen: To disable the laptop screen, open the “Display Settings” window again. Then, select the “Multiple Displays” option and choose “Show only on 2”. This will ensure that the laptop screen is disabled and the external monitor is used.

To use an external monitor on Windows, first close your laptop and enable the external monitor. Then, adjust the display settings and disable the laptop screen. With these steps, you can easily use an external monitor on your laptop.