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Is Plan 8 Still Happening?

Back in 2019, a trailer dropped on the gaming community like a bomb in the guise of a new IP by developer Pearl Abyss titled Plan 8. The trailer showcased a war-torn world that's riddled with rogue killer machines roaming the wilderness along with transhumanism being a part of everyday life. Ever since the trailer was shown, things have been pretty quiet with its development. Based on the footage, this game is going to have blistering-paced action and an assortment of mechanical threats to combat. With talent behind the Counterstrike and Black Desert online helping out with the development of this title, there's definitely a lot of potential here. Currently, it's widely known to be an MMO Exosuit shooter to where players will be able to build and customize their avatars in a variety of ways. Given that this could be an open-world experience, it appears that players will also be able to parkour around the environment, only to be enhanced with cybernetics.
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