How to Fix NVIDIA GeForce Overlay Not Working on Windows?

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By Badar in Technology
Updated 9 months ago

NVIDIA GeForce Overlay is an essential feature that allows gamers to easily access settings, take screenshots, and record gameplay. Unfortunately, this feature can sometimes stop working, causing frustration and confusion. Here are some steps to help fix NVIDIA GeForce Overlay not working on Windows.

1. Check if the GeForce Experience Service is Running: The GeForce Experience Service must be running in order for the overlay to work. To check, open the Task Manager and find the GeForce Experience Service. Right-click and select ‘Start’ if it is not running.

2. Update the NVIDIA Drivers: Outdated drivers can cause the overlay to malfunction. To update, open the GeForce Experience app and click on the ‘Drivers’ tab. Select ‘Check for Updates’ to download the latest version.

3. Reinstall GeForce Experience: If the above steps don’t work, try reinstalling the GeForce Experience app. This can fix any corrupted files and restore the overlay’s functionality.

4. Enable the Overlay: The overlay may be disabled in the settings. To enable it, open the GeForce Experience app and go to the ‘Settings’ tab. Make sure the ‘In-game Overlay’ is checked.

By following these steps, you can easily fix NVIDIA GeForce Overlay not working on Windows. Make sure to check the GeForce Experience Service, update the drivers, reinstall the app, and enable the overlay.