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​Google​​​If you fail to work now that you-re full of strength, you-d be forced to work when you have limited strength.Growing up as a young boy in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, Adamawa State to be precise. I lived in Mubi, one of the State-s prominent local government both politically and economically. One of the challenges in this part of Nigeria, as most other parts of the North Nigeria is scarcity of water. Those of you who have lived in the north before or are still living there can attest to this. The only way to get water is by buying it from the truck pushers. They usually go down to the city-s square where they pump water, buy it, and drive it into the city to sell to its inhabitants. This is a way of making a living for all of them in this line of work. However, it is a hard labour. The distances they push the truck to are overwhelming. Yet they have no choice than to do so because it-s the only way to feed themselves and their families. Among these truck pushe
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