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Replacing Drake Jackson

Just watch the damn film. Period. Kentucky center Drake Jackson was not selected in the 2021 NFL Draft. Thirty-one franchises fell into the overthinking trap that occurs when evaluating prospective draft picks. Some scouts said that Jackson was "too small" or "lacked arm-length." Well that's BS. Those two "liabilities" didn't negatively impact his career in the Southeastern Conference. The most valuable ability is availability. Jackson started 44 consecutive games. There was an endless amount of film that showed proven and consistent success against multiple pro-level defensive linemen. Oh, did I already say that he played in the SEC? Too small. Yeah right. He missed two assignments in 845 offensive plays as a junior. For nearly four seasons, Jackson captained an offensive line that gained national attention and a nickname (The Big Blue Wall) that blocked for an all-timer RB (Benny Snell) as well as smashing program records in the run game. Let's take a quick look at Jackson's UK caree
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