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Why Children Of Strict Parents Turn Out To Be Worse

Image source It is now I understand what being strict does, it makes you live a life of pretence, cos when I got into University I wanted to explore everything I didn't have the chance of doing at home.I drank alcohol like crazy, smoked weed, hung out with rich boys, partying, doing drugs but when I go visit my Parents, I still act like that innocent girl they have always known.My Dad's strictness led to my Pretence, if he had drawn me close like my mum did, I would have been a better kid.When parents use strictness to shut down a kids curiosity instead of guiding them, you are making matters worse for that kid. Because eventually that curiosity will lead them into adventures and exploring all those things you refused them to..Looking back, all the flogging I received from my dad only made me more stubborn and ruthless.Nothing really changed? Until my mum made me change for good.Parents need to use wisdom not force.
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