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My dear fellow Youths. Youth is ability,it is the stage of full production. Youth is possibilities. Let it be known to you that besides life and sound health, no God's bounties to man is as treasure-able as youthfulness. The definition of youth varies from place to place and from culture to culture. But generally, youthfulness spans from the age of puberty.That is the second stage of human life after that of adolescence. It can be said therefore that the juiciest part of human life is what people call youth;and we are all blessed with it . This is because,if you fail to make changes now,if you fail to impact lives at your youthful age,you can never achieve it again.‚ÄčThere is a say in my dialect that states that - you can never learn how to use left hand at your old age- which implies that ,any skills you want to acquire and use,is learnt in your youthful age; not in old age.Youthfulness is the crave of ambition and the stage of risk taking. It is the period of determination and resol
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