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Sinister Around🕸

All photos are from FreepikShe was daydreaming in her couch when her half opened eyes saw a sinister right in front of her. She screamed and jumped out of the couch but unfortunately her foot got bent and she broke her ankle. She couldn-t help herself getting up, she dragged herself to the table to make a call to her husband.-Ella what do you see? For how much time you-ve been through these hallucinations?- Sasha  said to her. Sasha was the psychiatrist who was treating Ella-s mental condition since few months. Patrick was about to park the car when the watchman ran towards him telling about Ella-s condition then. Ella didn-t answer. -I don-t know but we are facing it since we-ve lost our child-, said Patrick. -No this witch took my child and now trying to haunt me too-, shouted Ella. -We are ok, all of this would go away, we are fine-, shrieked Patrick.Ella was sleeping when ugly face hung before her eyes again, she suddenly screamed and jumped of her bed with broken knee, she could
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