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Bitcoin daily analysis 9/16/2020

(The red and green arrows are the Aurox Indicator and they recommend a buy or a sell. Red indicates where you should sell and green indicates a buy zone. Pretty simple indicator but rather effective if I do say so myself.)Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to my daily look into the exciting world of Bitcoin. Today I have the daily time frame pulled up after a pretty exciting day. We almost got to 11k again but have fallen back a bit from the resistance. No sweat though. With 4 figure Bitcoin a good dip below us confidence is seemingly building back up. I see a few signals that are bearish but I also see plenty to be excited about. Lets discuss. First of all we have officially entered the daily cloud and that is not the most bullish predicament that we could be in. But let me tell you that being inside of the cloud (while constraining) is more bullish than being below the cloud where we were just a few days ago. Speaking of clouds we left the 4hr cloud behind us during
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