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A giant dwarf killer it isIt shines with it-s little embers of evilAt its tail of hell fire🚭🔪💔Beckoning on you with the evil sweet smellbeckoning on you take for the last time.🚭🔪💔It lures youAnd promises you happiness but it-s a silent killerIt devours you from within🚭🔪💔It promises you warmth but takes away the warmth of lifeIt promises goodness but gives you depression🚭🔪💔Is it worth my life?is the question I ask myselfWill it really take away the problems as it promised🚭🔪💔It has a large interest in your liverIn your healthIn your kidneyin your mouthIn your well beingin your life🚭🔪💔I ponder and ask my self,As I light the last stub in my pocketCan-t really let go of the sweet evil addiction, though I die slowly.Only if I can let go🚭🔪💔🥺🥶Side noteA time comes in life when we do many things and seem not know the repercussions. We may bring up the fact that it-s an addiction but you have to know that an addiction is very s
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