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Chain Games is listed on Coingecko & Bixaly Exchange - 500 Chain Games / 500 1UP Giveaway

Chain games is now on Coingecko and is listed on Bixaly exchange, such great news coming from this project and its only been launched for public sale on Uniswap for 24 hours just gone. so i thought i would run a little giveaway of 500 Chain games tokens and 500 1UP tokens.Coingecko stat Page for Chain Gameshttps://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/chain-gamesBixaly Exchange Chain Games Trading Pairhttps://bilaxy.com/trade/CHAIN_ETHNow the good part is this contest is really simple to enter, one small task which will help chain games massive and thats by heading over to Coingecko and heading to the chain games stats page and clicking the little star at the top of the page and liking it.So to enter all you will need to do is share a screenshot of Chain Games on Coingecko with you liking the page which will show like the image above from when i done it, telling your followers on Twitter Chain games is now listed on Coingecko, add link in tweet to coingecko page and please tag Chain Games and Upt
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