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We humans have mysterious immune cells that attack many cancers

British researchers have encountered unknown human immune cells that effectively invade and destroy various types of cancer cells in vitro. However, the mechanism of their action remains unknown so far, so it is not yet clear whether they will soon be used for treatment.Strengthening and directing the human immune system so that it can tackle malignancies is the latest practice in the fight against cancer and has also provided a Nobel Prize in medicine.Researchers began to address the response of lymphocytes to the presence of cancer cells - by observing their multiplication, which usually means that the immune system has activated because it has recognized the danger. In this way, they identified an undefined T lymphocyte lineage that aggressively attacked the malignant cells. And when exposed to various types of cancer, including lung, intestinal and breast cancer, they were recognized by most - despite the fact that these tumors have different origins and mechanisms of action!The conclusion, then, is that newly discovered lymphocytes are likely to recognize different types of tumors because they notice the "secretions" they have in common. This is an important discovery, but there is a lot of hard research that separates it from its practical application.

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