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Anti-Muslim violence in Delhi serves Modi well | Mukul Kesavan | Opinion | The Guardian

To be freely defeated by a peaceful development fronted by Muslims that will not utilize a strict maxim, that summons India's constitution and its common certifications as sacred writ, that envelops itself by the national banner and attests Bhimrao Ambedkar, the Dalit draftsman of India's constitution as its motivation, has been seriously baffling for this administration.Their vigilante helpers assaulted Muslims without any potential repercussions, and the Delhi police, which reports to the home clergyman (and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's correct hand man), Amit Shah, either looked on as goons revolted, showed up after Muslims had been assaulted, or really took an interest in the viciousness against individuals exhibiting against Modi's unfair citizenship law.There's a desperation to this in light of the fact that the protection from the citizenship law – as symbolized by the protests in the Delhi neighborhoods of Shaheen Bagh and Jafrabad – has started to win noteworthy triumphs. @puncakbukit Sebagai Witness Anda - setiap suara menentukan.Akses halaman Witness Voting.Scroll down sampai bawah.Ketik "puncakbukit" di textbox berikut.Klik tombol “VOTE”.Kami akan follow anda… ;-)My Witness UpdateLihat juga:Seri Steemit Puncak BukitPuncak Bukit (

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